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Team Entries

Once entries have been configured as you want and are open, your users can use the feature.

Click the TEAM ENTRIES button on the homepage:

Opening Entries

You will then see how many clubs have already entered. On the right hand side there will be a button for your club, or a dropdown of the clubs you have access to. In this example it is Huntingdon:

Team Entries

Once you click the club you wish to enter, you can start to assign athletes:

Entering your Club

To use the future, you can see the events in the competition listed down the left, the categories at the top (just ALL in this instance but ordinarily, M or F), and the athletes on the left.

Entering Athletes

To add athletes, choose the event, and the category you want to enter athletes to. The applicable athletes in this category, who belong to this club will show on the right. Either double click on one or click on them and then the left arrow. This will move them to the event.

If athletes do not appear, try clicking the SYNC FROM EA API as this will give an updated list from EA's athlete database. Alternatively, if the organiser has set the eligibility to "Anyone" then the ADD ATHLETE button can be used to add more athletes.

Once you've finished, click either SAVE or SAVE / CONTINUE TO BASKET. This will give you the basket page, where the team manager can pay.